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“Woe to them that devise iniquity, and work evil upon their beds! When the morning is light, they practise it, because it is in the power of their hand. And they covet fields, and take them by violence; and houses, and take them away: so they oppress a man and his house, even a man and his heritage. Therefore thus saith the LORD; Behold, against this family do I devise an evil, from which ye shall not remove your necks; neither shall ye go haughtily: for this time is evil. In that day shall one take up a parable against you, and lament with a doleful lamentation, and say, We be utterly spoiled: he hath changed the portion of my people: how hath he removed it from me! turning away he hath divided our fields. Therefore thou shalt have none that shall cast a cord by lot in the congregation of the LORD”
(Micah 2: 1-5).

Open Letter to Pastor Dan Gayman from Lori Stinson
December 29, 2000

Dear Pastor Gayman,

I would like to somehow understand all of this, sincerely I would. I would like to know when your heart became so turned against Scott that you would without a prick of conscience set out to destroy this man and not cease until his life was in total ruin. A spirit of hatred has fueled you and where there is hate God is not present. I have also struggled with trying to sort out if you have been used of Bob Burney, Cindy Cutler, her husband, Red Finnigan and Gray Clark in this destruction or if YOU have used them. I believe that what is culminating now began several years ago in your heart, and now "rules" so strongly that you don’t even care who or what you destroy as long as you destroy Scott. How can you possibly stand in front of a mirror, look yourself in the face and say you serve the living God?

I had an opportunity to talk with you in your office this past summer when I expressed my concern of your letter to have the Boy Scout program shut down. I believed that the Boy Scouts filled a very important need for my sons as well as the rest of the boys of the Church. With all the childish bellowing of some "men" and their lack of ability to put their son’s needs over their desire and obvious enjoyment in making life miserable for Scott, I requested that you send Bob Burney and Red Finnigan "home" to do what they willed with their sons so the others could move forward with the program and prosper in it. It is a good program with a proven track record. Also, the program could be completely tailored to our particular beliefs and needs and compromise was never a question. The boys of our Church needed Boy Scouts to cultivate a "cooperative spirit" and learn to how to "work together towards a common goal," God forbid if they should grow up and imitate their fathers. "They were the future of the Church and when we were dead and gone, they would be the ministers, the writers, and those whom would continue to spread the Gospel of the Kingdom." Your "letter" only expressed your unhappiness and disgust in Scott’s office time being spent on "Boy Scouts." It was your complete inability to see that Scott was spending all the countless hours sewing into the future lives of the boys of the Church and even though a couple men made the experience quite miserable, he wouldn’t give up because in his heart he knew it was what the boys needed, and your negative perspective of Scott painted by your letter exposed something very unpleasant in you. I found it alarming. Why could you not see Scott’s time spent on these boys as something "positive" and "good," or had the ability become impossible even then? During that visit in your office I also told you that I had become aware that a "license" had been issued upon Scott, and the people causing so much grief in Scott’s life were doing so because they felt "at liberty" to. I also told you I was completely aware of the "lies, half-truths, and distortions of truth" that were being spoken against Scott.

What I didn’t tell you was that I had not come to believe this because of anything Scott had told me, but because I had become so concerned for my husband and the emotional duress and constant stress he seemed to be under that I began to make phone calls. Everyone locally knows that I am not a "phone" person. I called [Name withheld], [name withheld] and I had already spoken with the [name withheld] family. I also called your daughter Julie and asked her if she had been hearing the "garbage" that seemed to be "going around about Scott," and though she was careful not to uncover anything or anyone, she was able to say, "yes, I have heard some things but I’m sure not everything. I know Reed has heard more than I have." Scott knew by the Holy Spirit that something was up and you could only answer his questions with, "Scott, you are paranoid." No, he is not nor was he ever paranoid, his discernment told him there was evil at work. I also told you that day in your office unashamedly that what was happening was iniquity, it was the "mystery of iniquity." I’m sorry if the truth makes you uncomfortable, but someone has to speak it.

I did not "dress you up and down," as you reported to others, I only told you the truth. Scott has always spoken the truth to you and warned you when he felt your decisions were putting those of the congregation of the Church of Israel at risk. He has been loyal to you and the people of COI. Do you now hate your brother because he tells you the truth?

I have to say that my conversation with [name withheld] was the most revealing when it came to bringing light to the hidden things of darkness that the front office was involved in against Scott (and myself). Now Jerry Gentry had at this point "come clean" with Scott and confessed to him the "things" that he had participated in that began the previous winter that was supposed to lead to Scott being "removed" from the Church. This is the first conspiracy against Scott that I would like to address in this letter. Mr. Gentry had also sent a letter to you retracting some slanderous comments he had made against Scott, after realizing that you were using an unresolved conflict that he had with Scott to fuel your own agenda against him. [Name withheld] had also been involved, I will presume because of anger she was experiencing after having learned of some private and sensitive information her husband had told Scott when he was seeking help from him during a prior feast. In my conversation with [name withheld], whom I had believed to be a very good friend of mine, I plainly asked her how she could participate in the planned destruction of my marriage and my family, that this was so evil and demonically inspired and that MY Bible stated, "what God hath joined together let no man put asunder." She had believed that it would be OK for "Lori and the children, that Pastor Gayman would take care of them" and what she could say against Scott would not bring harm to us. What a seduced and deceived mind! She had been beguiled by someone. I still to this day do not know if those thoughts were an "implied" statement from you, a direct quote, or just an expressed thought from "somewhere" that you did not correct. In any case, sometimes it is what you do not say that is the most leading. After all, silence is consent. She tried to place the blame on Jerry, not knowing that he had confessed and repented to us already. But in the end, she was aware her complaints were to be used for the "removal" of Scott and that my children and I were to be taken care of. I also want you to know that Scott called her to apologize for any offences he may have caused, and she responded as if he had done nothing to apologize for, and he had not offended her.

Now [name withheld] responded quite differently. She said that you had called her asking questions about Scott, mostly yes or no type questions. She told the truth to the questions but did not reveal anything that she had not already addressed with Scott directly to his face, not behind his back because "that is what a true friend does, and that they consider Scott a good friend." What upset her was that you betrayed the confidentiality and trust she had in you, and that she had also heard from other sources that her conversation she had had with you was being used as "dirt" against Scott to have him "removed" from the ministry. She said that she had said nothing that would constitute as "dirt" or supply reason for removal and that the passion and love Scott had for the Truth of God’s Word was more than enough reason to overlook Scott’s lack of "people skills." She felt that a letter from her was in order due to the nature of information she was getting from several people. She sent us a copy of that letter and your reply to her, and in your letter you falsely stated that you had taken care of the matter in the spirit of Matt.15, and that "Scott was a minister in good standing" at the COI. What you did not tell her was that you and Gray Clark had taken Scott into the music annex with Gray toting a tape recorder in a brown paper sack hoping to "frame" Scott as some horrible immoral reprobate using information from her and the twisted story of [name withheld’s] discussion with Scott about [name withheld’s] own personal conflict with his own wife. I will not put intimate details into this open letter due to its nature. But I will convey to you the facts as I have learned them to be over the most recent year.

[Name withheld] also had a phone call from you asking if Scott had acted inappropriately in their home. They told you that he had not nor had any of his seven children. [Name withheld] became alarmed at the type of things you were asking and called his father [name withheld], who then phoned you. They both felt that something was questionable in your motives and expressed concern. They also thought it strange that you wanted to keep the fact that you had called "confidential." Pastor Gayman, for what purpose would you call the homes of people that Scott has visited and ask leading questions to obtain negative information other than for his destruction? Could you possibly expect me to believe this was so you could "help" Scott with his "people skills?" How could Scott ever function freely in the gift and calling of his life when his own minister and bishop conducted himself this way? Yes, one of Scott’s primary gifts is prophet. The prophets of God, when properly functioning in that call do make us "uncomfortable" and "pinched," but God sent his prophets to bring correction, repentance and deliverance to His people….for their preservation not their destruction. These are not the men that tickle our ears or encourage luke-warmness. They also hold us accountable for our actions. Most of us do not like this aspect, though it is truly for our best. The thief cometh not but for to steal, kill and destroy. The LORD came that we would have life more abundantly. Which would best describe your intentions?

Now that you know that I knew all of this prior to that meeting in your office, and I refrained from venting what I felt was more than enough evidence to insist that you make an formal apology to Scott, myself and our seven children as well as repent to the people of the congregation for your very poor example. (What man can stand before GOD and say that destroying a marriage and family is justified?) That I could leave your office and not spread negative gossip and every manner of accusation against you, do you for a moment believe the motivations behind our separation from the Church of Israel at Schell City was anymore than Scott trying to preserve himself and our family from your destructive hand? Was not our decision to leave a welcome announcement to your ears? We would now be gone and you would not have to defile yourself and your Christian witness anymore. We had kept your evil deeds private, why would we uncover them after making a peaceful separation? The other matters that have been on Scott’s conscience for several years I will leave to him. Scott signed the peaceful separation agreement that stated he would uphold your reputation publicly; unfortunately it did not remain "peaceful" very long. Scott knew it was time to get out, but he was not going to let you completely destroy him or our family in the process. I was happy he chose a "mediator," and not another method. He feared that without help he would be robbed of everything God has given us as well as having his reputation completely destroyed as he had seen you do to others in times past, and which you have blatantly demonstrated you are capable of and willing to do. And now, even now, you have told the people at the Church that Scott is a danger to and would inflict harm on the women and children of the Church. Lies, vicious and slanderous lies, those are! You are completely aware of the concerns Scott has for the children, justified concerns that you saw outlined in a draft copy of a letter Scott composed. This was not a threat, but a desire to let you know how deeply his conscience has bothered him concerning this unresolved matter.

The second major act recently conspired against Scott and that was "the writing on the wall" for us was when you, Cindy Cutler, and Bob Burney plotted together and planned for Scott’s "removal" from his teaching position at the day school. It was conceived, devised and acted upon in a fully conscious effort. Mrs. Cutler listed every complaint she could "imagine" against Scott, and you composed a "removal" letter even though you never counseled her to go him and talk to him first about her complaints. No, what you did was write Scott a letter (delivered it to him without ever uttering one word to him) announce in that letter he was "fired" from his job of four years, and then you never allowed him an opportunity to know the real nature of the complaint or talk with the parents about it. Instead you put him on the spot, put him on the defensive, slid the noose around his neck then walked out of the room knowing that Cindy and Bob would do the rest of the job in the meeting with the parents. The more I listened to Mrs. Cutler the more I realized that only God himself could open the eyes of people to see the iniquity they were involved in. She listed off "years of her daughters mistreatments," and she felt she should "pack her lunch and take it to theology class so she could monitor Scott’s lessons," and also declared that "Scott was teaching skewed theology at Wednesday night Bible study and she wasn’t sure about his teaching on the Two Thrones either." She stated that she was "thankful her daughters did not listen to or pay attention to Scott lest they ‘hear’ what he was saying." There were nine adults there who witnessed this. I told Mrs. Cutler that not only was I shocked that Scott was given such a letter without having heard from her or you Pastor Gayman, but that she was now saying that her problems with him went on for FOUR years and she didn’t ever come to Scott to discuss it? And she could decide of herself that Scott taught "skewed theology," speak that in front of these people having never gone to him to see if perhaps SHE had a misunderstanding? I stated that what was happening here was not scriptural, and there was no Biblical support to what they were doing. Of this I was very determined. I was also very blessed that evening when Becky Burney said that her daughter Brittany had recently come to her to say that "she felt sorry for Mr. Stinson because the students were so disrespectful to him," and that "they would not pay attention and would roll their eyes back in their head and slump down in their chairs." Becky also said she told her mother that "Mr. Stinson gave her a look of ‘its ok Brittany,’ I’m used to it." I also was able to tell Mrs. Gerster that the accusations being made that Scott was singling out her daughter Theresa in the lesson topics was untrue. I said "Scott had expressed his concern over this to me many times, and that the lesson topics on the syllabus were what Pastor Gayman had outlined for the students himself." Pastor Gayman, you told all of the parents that your decision in the letter could be "wrong" and that they should decide. As I was asked to leave the room because I was Scott’s wife and should not be there, even though I had the most number of children in the class, your letter was held up and it was adamantly stated that "what we were here to decide is whether or not we ‘support’ Pastor Gayman in his decision." Scott did not have a chance and it was a set-up from the beginning as I told to Reed Benson when he came up to Scott’s office to give the outcome of the vote. I also learned that my vote was not counted even though I gave it before I walked up the stairs.

I in no way entertain the thought that Scott is a perfect man, nor do I believe that I am a perfect woman. In fact I know Scott’s "faults" and "shortcomings" better than anyone else. The hatred, and the blatant bias against him are inexcusable. He has not done anything to justify the treatment that you have given him and allowed by others. How many Churches do you believe would allow its ministerial staff to be physically threatened in the sanctuary and let it go unpunished? Yet it happened to Scott. In how many Churches do you think the ministerial core keep "dirt" files on their fellow ministers, and when their "file" is discovered missing, they are more concerned of that than about the absolute lack of any Christian character it reveals of themselves? There was one (two) kept on Scott. In how many Churches will the ministerial staff plot and scheme against their own to set them up for public slander and disgrace? It has happened to Scott. How many Churches practice and support hatred by and against there own to the extent that the destruction of one’s life and their family is the goal? Scott has been the recipient of that kind of hatred. The emotional pressure and spiritual duress that you have inflicted upon and allowed against Scott and our family is beyond words to describe. The fact that Scott has held up for as long as he has is nothing less than a miracle of God’s grace. The false rumors and lies concerning Scott are so numerous it is unbelievable.

All that you are doing now to us with what I am sure is supported and completely encouraged by the people previously mentioned in this letter is not your valiant effort to protect "the women and children of the Church," as we have heard that you have stated, but Pastor Gayman, what you are doing is hiding behind the women and children of the Church as you continue the death and destruction that you have been working out against us for quite some time. You have got to open your "eyes" and see the demon within that is "driving" you. I am sure you have justified yourself because of Scott’s "indiscretion" against you last year, but Pastor Gayman, he repented to you, to the entire local congregation as well as those who were present at Passover. What more can he do? What more can we do? Do Scott and I have to "pay" for his speaking poorly of you for the rest of our lives? If the God of Israel can forgive him, can you do any less? Do you expect us to accept this as "the consequences of sin?" In light of the steps and course you have taken, Scott’s failure to control his tongue back then is only a "speck" by comparison. For those who may read this and truly love you with a Godly Biblical love, I humbly beg those people and plead with the people that I mentioned in this letter (and the ones that I did not mention for lack of space), who know the things we have silently endured (as well as others who have known and "felt" the sting of this iniquity), to please come forward and tell your experience as it relates to Scott and our family or yourself. We have got to help Dan Gayman see; we have got to make him see!!! The hatred is real, and each of you have a little piece of the bigger picture. We are not trying to hurt anyone and it was never our intention for this to get out of hand in the manner it has. We wanted to put the past behind us by having a written peaceful separation, while remaining your friends and quietly moving forward with our lives. But now I am so compelled to speak for deliverance, that we all may see this "captive" set free, and for Pastor Dan Gayman to experience the real living power of GOD’S deliverance and healing. Please pray for all of us. Please write him, call him, and e-mail him. Tell him you love him, tell him his destruction does not stop with the Stinson family. He is destroying himself, his family, and the Church of Israel congregation, I feel. Help to make him "SEE."

Those that know me know that I do not lie. The facts in the events outlined in this letter are as "word perfect" as I am able to make them. They are not embellished and I tried to keep my emotions and natural desire for vindication out of this. These most recent situations are only two of many things we have endured in the past several years as members of the Church of Israel in Schell City. Many people at the local Church can verify what I have stated. God as my witness. These are not lies. The house in which we live was God’s gift and blessing to us, just as Reed and Julie’s home is theirs without question. Pastor Gayman, you cannot continue as you have done in the past. Your ways are destructive and evil, and judgment is at the door. I can honestly say that I do not hate you, even with all you have done. Angry? Yes. Hurt? Yes. I do not hate you, I hate only the one who has deceived you into fulfilling his destructive agenda against Scott and this family. You have been used. I can honestly say that I greatly fear for you and feel a deep concern for you in my spirit. I believe that if you do not repent and make changes in your life immediately, the great pit you have dug for others will be where you finally fall. Please Pastor Gayman, stop all this, repent, protect yourself, your family and those in the Church of Israel from the judgment that is at hand. Please Pastor Gayman, stop this and fall on your knees and repent!

Most respectfully with my entire heart,

Lori K. Stinson

“And many shall follow their pernicious ways; by reason of whom the way of truth shall be evil spoken of.
And through covetousness shall they with feigned words make merchandise of you” (II Peter 2:2-3).
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